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Distributors and makers of environmentally responsible products that are:

  • Safe to environment: plants, life, air, water..
  • Minor to zero bio-chemical hazard
  • Low to zero toxicity
  • Minute to zero residue
  • Embraces ecosystem conservation
  • Contributes to environmental preservation
  • Results in ecosystem sustainability

We are proud sponsors and active participant of the Greenworld Environmental Alliance:

a non-profit, 501-c-3 organization that provides evaluation, testing, and optimization of methods and recommends environmentally responsible products:

Some examples of products we recommend are:

De-Oil-It : A natural organic oil and petroleum (hydrocarbons) degrader, which breaks down complex hydrocarbon molecular structures to smaller, simpler forms that are less toxic, safer, and easier to remove from harming the environment. A degrader is far more efficient managing fuel and oil leaks, a stark contrast to degreasers which only help remove the contaminant but does nothing to reduce the toxicity, meaning you still have a HAZMAT problem when using degreasers – on the contrary De-Oil-It, a degrader, eliminates hydrocarbon pollutants and does not require further hazmat remediation.

Absortants and degreasers only relocate fossil petroleum elements like fuel and oil, and even synthetic oils, spreading hazardous waste throughout the environment and making everything in its path toxic regarding water runoff from cleaning or moving contaminated soil treated with conventional hydrocarbon cleaners. The degrading action of De-Oil-It allows nature to complete the breakdown of petroleum molecules and reintroduce them back into the environment. De-Oil-It starts the process of breaking down hydrocarbon chains (oil, fuel, grease) into an altered non-toxic state that allows natural bacteria in the environment to complete the break down process; without this degrading action petroleum kills natural bacteria, and many kinds of EPA approved dispersants sink oil in water, plus do not neutralize the hydrocarbon contaminant. One of the big lessons learned in the Gulf of Mexico Horizon Oil spill was the product used, a dispersant, ended up being more lethal to wildlife than the original spill plus the oil was by design weighed down into the water column: De-Oil-It will float the treated oil / fuel spills in water to the surface for normal remediation collection and processing that is more cost effective because the treated contaminant is not a biohazard anymore. On land De-Oil-It acts as a surfactant delivering neutralized, degraded oil / fuel into the soil where natural bacteria completes breaking down the treated contaminant to safely reintroduce into the environment as water, oxygen and carbon elements. Visit for more information.

De-Oil-It degrades:

  • Fuels : gasoline, diesel, kerosene (heating and aviation quality), etc.
  • Oil : raw, refined, processed
  • TCE  –  Tricloroethylene
  • PAH  –  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • PCB  –  Polychlorinated Bi-Phenyls
  • Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Glycols

Fuel Medics : Gas, Diesel, and Bio-Diesel fuel system treatment solutions. The result is better performance, reduction of algae and elimination of water and ethanol combing to be the main culprit of gummed-up fuel systems and reduced efficiency of the fuel. You gain better fuel economy, improved burn efficiency, and reduce carbon output to the eco system

Fuel Medic products have a unique proprietary base technology that allows fuels to atomize into smaller droplets.  These smaller droplets burn more complete.y, converting more of the fuel energy into usable power.  This gives you a clean engine fuel system, combustion chamber, valves and if you have on a cleaner turbocharger.  Our additives will then allow these componenets to produce fuel atomized to the smallest droplets possible, which in turn makes them more fuel efficient, provides more power and significantly reduces exhause emissions.

INOX : Whether it’s a food grade spray lubricant, heavy duty industrial grease, a PTFE paste, lanolin based grease, a dry film lubricant or even a chain lubricant, INOX has all the bases covered. Inox high performant lubricants are used to prevent corrosion and oxidation, does not effect rubber, does not interfere with electronics, protects against moisture and salt effects. The entire line of products is environmentally safe and is used in a large field of applications from the simplest domestic job to the largest of projects, repairs, service or manufacturing such as mining, transport, military, fishing, commercial, food and beverage industry, boating and automotive to name a few.

Many use INOX lubricants to keep their bow thrusters in top shape while preventing barnacle, grime and algae growth. Finally, Inox battery conditioners have been highlighted on Ship Shape, as John Greviskis illustrates on youtube, check out the MX2 battery conditioner segment on where they restore a battery they drained for illustrative purposes to show Inox MX2 completely rejuvenated the battery to better than its prior condition!

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Greenworld Innovations is focused on delivering environmentally responsible products designed for a variety of uses while being eco-system friendly.